Al-Furqaan Foundation / Furqaan Academy
Press Release
Contact: Azam Nizamuddin

Bolingbrook, IL – October 7th, 2014. It has recently come to our attention that Hamza Khan, a resident of Bolingbrook, has been arrested on charges for allegedly attempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization.
There has been some speculation in the media, including reports from neighbors, that Mr. Hamza Khan was a student at Furqaan Academy. These reports are false.  Mr. Khan is not currently nor has he ever been enrolled in any programs at our Academy.  Due to the falsity of these reports we respectfully request that the media refrain from further contacting our organization, its staff, parents and students.
Al-Furqaan Foundation and Furqaan Academy are committed to providing a quality religion based education, which includes instruction on the tenets of Islam.  It is our profound hope that by providing this education, not only will we raise our children to be devout in our faith but also to be responsible and productive citizens of this great country.  In these troubled times, we believe that teaching our children the true tenets of Islam is one of the best methods for protecting them from falling prey to the kind of extremism that distorts our faith.