Executive Director

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Position: Full-Time

Location: Bolingbrook, IL

The Executive Director will provide direction and leadership towards the achievement of the vision, mission and strategy of Al-Furqaan Foundation for its Furqaan Project division. The Executive Director is responsible for the day to day operations of the Furqaan Project, by leading and supervising, hiring and evaluating all staff, motivating and directing volunteers, managing the division’s finances and resources, building relationships and networks across organizations in the U.S. The Executive Director will be the main public spokesperson for the Furqaan Project, and therefore must have an impeccable religious background and a commanding presence. The candidate must be highly dynamic, religious, personable and very strongly familiar with the diverse cross section of the Muslim American community. The position calls for effective public speaking skills, including delivering Khutba’s in masajid around the country, and excellent communication abilities. The position is a highly public, high profile position and the Executive Director should be comfortable working at a national level. The Executive Director will serve as the head of the Quran project nationally, managing direct reports from regional offices around the U.S and Canada. The position reports directly to the President of Al-Furqaan Foundation. The Executive Director also serves on the Executive Committee of the Al-Furqaan Foundation. The primarily place of business will be in Bolingbrook, IL.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide leadership and management to assure the proper implementation of the vision and strategy of the nationwide Furqaan Project

  1. Ensure that the Furqaan Project Division is professionally run, self-sufficient properly staffed around the country and is financially secure
  2. Represent the Furqaan Project nationally at events, conventions, Jummah khutbas and other speaking engagements
  3. Direct the implementations and evaluation of the many programs and plans that range from fundraising to distribution of the Qurans, to dawah programs, new Muslim support, education programs and other programs and services
  4. Manage budgeting, and all financial and human resources
  5. Develop and implement policies and procedures for all operations including regional offices
  6. Recruit, lead, supervise and evaluate staff

Fundraising and Financial Management:

  1. Create and implement financial development campaigns and strategies and cultivate and develop new sources of funding to support the Quran Project activities across the U.S.
  2. Develop materials, staff and resources to increase the donor base and grow contributions from individuals, organizations, Masajid, businesses and foundations
  3. Oversee fundraising planning, implementation, and administration of fund disbursements to programs and services
  4. Develop yearly budget for board approval and manage diligently
  5. Develop and ensure proper implementation of contact management and donor management systems
  6. Develop and manage events in cities across the country to meet fundraising targets and goals

Dawah, Outreach and Partners:

  1. Represent and promote a positive image of the Quran Project and Al-Furqaan Foundation to donors, organizations, masajid, communities and government agencies
  2. Build and serve on coalitions around the country on Dawah, outreach and issues on common grounds with other faith communities
  3. Community organizing and program coordination to achieve dawah objectives like street dawah with Quran
  4. Ensure that The Quran Project is the Quran component of any dawah/outreach programs of masajid and organizations around the country
  5. Develop, manage and implement all Quran distribution programs including door to door, hotels, hospitals, Jails, bookstores, online etc.
  6. Oversee and work with marketing department on proper marketing and promotions of all the programs and activities of the Quran Project
  7. Develop and manage a comprehensive communication plan to utilize various media including print, website, social media, radio, T.V. etc for promoting the Quran Project programs, activities and for fundraising

Desired Qualification:

  1. A deep passion for dawah to Non-Muslims
  2. Practicing, knowledgeable Muslim with ability to give Khutbas
  3. Minimum of 5 years senior management experience working in a leadership role at a non-profit organization
  4. In-depth knowledge of the non-profit community
  5. Well respected within the Muslim community in the United States
  6. Demonstrated leadership, management and fundraising ability, with strong knowledge of fiscal management including budgeting
  7. Demonstrated experience in working and building relationships across diverse organizations and diverse section of the Muslim community
  8. A strong teamwork orientation and an ability to select, manage and motivate staff
  9. A proven track record in receiving funding , fundraising and business development
  10. Demonstrated ability in public speaking, written and oral communication and intrapersonal relations
  11. Relevant graduate degree or equivalent experience required

Email resume to [email protected]. U.S. Work Authorization is required. Pay commensurate with knowledge and experience on a non-profit Islamic Organization scale.

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